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  • Instating women

  • Prioritising children

  • Advocating for the poor

  • Welcoming strangers

  • Reintegrating humanity and the environment

  • Restoring justice to prisoners

  • Healing the sick

"Foot washing" by UK artist, Dinah Roe Kendall

The collaboration that is The Kenarchy Journal presents the research of academics and activists engaged in the politics of love. It is published in partnership with the Institute of Religion, Peace and Justice as our academic journal. The purpose of this Journal is to advance the applied research, and as such, it is an academic journal. It also includes an online forum that we very much hope will provide the opportunity for both thinkers and activists to engage with the applied research material.

Kenarchy is a newly constructed word signifying an innovative, inclusive reconfiguration of Jesus’ politics of love. It is derived from ken(osis): emptying out sovereign power and replacing it with a love measured by readiness to die for the other, even one’s enemy, and archy: a way of ordering or relating in social space. It has been articulated over the last 15 years by a growing network of theologians and activists around original work begun with and on behalf of them by political theologian Roger Haydon Mitchell. (See Discovering Kenarchy: Contemporary Resources for the Politics of Love. Roger Haydon Mitchell and Julie Tomlin Arram eds. Wipf & Stock, 2014). While based unapologetically in the Jesus story as found in the four gospels of the Christian scriptures, and drawing on the theology of trinity and incarnation, it configures an inclusive politics of love as a gift to people of all faiths and none.



Lead Editor:


Roger Haydon Mitchell, PhD – theologian and activist, honorary researcher in the Lancaster University Centre for Alternatives to Social and Economic Inequalities, and political theologian with the Westminster Theological Centre


Associate Editors:


Sue Mitchell, MSc co-facilitator for the Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission, leading conversations between people with lived experience of poverty and decision makers, towards a new sociality


Brad Jersak, PhD – theologian, author, Dean of Theology and Culture and Professor of Religious Studies at St. Stephen's University and core faculty at the Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice


Andrew Phillip Klager, PhD – theologian, historian, peace scholar, Professor of Religion and Peace Studies at St. Stephen's University and core faculty and founding director of the Institute for Religion, Peace and Justice

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