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An Experiment in Political Priorities for Christian Voters

Experiment for Christian voters:

1. list your most important political priorities or the issues that you consider most often when voting in a federal election (be honest). Write them down on a piece of paper and leave some space beside them (preferably before reading the next part of the experiment below).

2. Now quote the words of Jesus in support of these priorities and of your stance on these issues (bonus points if these words come from the Sermon on the Mount).

If you can’t, if it was pretty hard and you really had to go searching through the gospels, if it wasn’t already available off the top of your head, if you can only find one or maybe two instances, if the words are relatively cryptic, if they’re so general that he probably didn’t have in mind your specific issue when he uttered these words (and if you didn't like this experiment), there may be a problem with your politics whether in content or the proportion of your attention that you give these political priorities.

Share your results below. Play with your friends!

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