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The Delusion that We Should Always Identify with the 'Good Guys' in Scripture

Maybe the reality that a large swath of Christians (and I’m certainly guilty of this too) identify with only the “good guys” in Scripture (and therein ignore their own shortcomings, pride, violence, and prioritization of their survival and comfort) is precisely what makes them avoid actually obeying the commandments of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (or avoid thinking that they still need to) because they’ve tricked themselves into thinking that they already do obey them even if they don’t simply because they mistakenly think they’re always—without exception and at all times—the “good guys” in Scripture, the sheep rather than the goats.

This is the delusion that an instantaneous and forensic view of salvation creates. When are we the goats? When are we the Pharisees? When do we love only those who love us? These are the question we need to ask ourselves.

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