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August 19 – September 2, 2023


DATES:  AUG. 19 – SEPT. 2, 2023

DELIVERY MODES:  readings before the trip, intensive sessions with experts in their fields, festival attendance, pilgrimage / silent retreat, documentary screening with panel discussion, folk show and storytelling, learning tours and museums, assignments after the trip
EMPHASES:  Christian nationalism, post-conflict trauma healing, religion in peace and violence, inter-faith hospitality, memory and history in truth and reconciliation, restorative justice, forgiveness, hope-building, trust- and relationship- building, public theology, storytelling in peacebuilding, with application and case studies in post-Troubles N.Ireland


The following is the registration form for the Scotland & Northern Ireland study abroad trip (Aug. 19 – Sept. 2, 2023) and is meant to help IRPJ collect the information we need for planning purposes. Students will need to register and pay a deposit of $1,000 CAD before March 1, 2023 to secure their spot on this trip (Note: your spot on this study abroad trip is not officially secured for you until this deposit is paid, so the sooner, the better). Students will then be invoiced for the remaining cost of the trip ($1,770 CAD), which needs to be paid in full before April 1, 2023, and for tuition ($2,430 CAD), which needs to be paid before May 1, 2023 (payment plans are available for tuition, but this must be paid in full before the start of the study abroad trip). The amount on the invoice is all-inclusive for accommodations, meals, internal travel within Scotland and Northern Ireland, academic sessions, and other related experiences (e.g., the learning tours in Belfast and Derry, Free Derry Museum admissions, etc.), all of which is prearranged for you.
Students therefore need to make your own flight arrangements, as this is not included in the cost of the study abroad trip. The program of the study abroad trip begins the morning of Aug. 21, but we would like our students to arrive on Aug. 19 to give you a full day to settle in and acclimate yourself. You will therefore need to arrive in Edinburgh and at our first accommodations at Pollock Estate on Aug. 19, and you will need to make flight arrangements on one of the days after our final send-off pub night in Derry on Sept 1. Your final night of accommodations is at Corrymeela near Ballycastle, Northern Ireland on Sept. 1, and departure is Sept. 2. The closest airports are in Belfast and Dublin. All travel arrangements to and from our accommodations and your airport are the students' responsibility.

Name and contact information:

Travel information:

Spots and accommodations on this study abroad trip are limited, and arrangements for this trip therefore assume that our students are travelling by themselves. However, we also recognize that this is a once in a lifetime experience that you might want to share with someone else. We are therefore prepared to allow travel companions, but we prefer that these are kept to a minimum for the purposes of our own travel arrangements and group cohesion.

Nevertheless, below are questions related to how you will be travelling with us. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fully accommodate your travel companions, and you may need to make alternative arrangements for them. Having said that, it is crucial that you stay with your fellow students throughout the trip regardless.

Please note that if your travel companion would like to experience the entire trip, including all accommodations, meals, internal travel, academic sessions, events and experiences, the cost for personal enrichment (i.e., non-credit) is $3,500 CAD.

1. Will you be coming on this trip by yourself or with others?
2. Including yourself, how many total will you be travelling with?
3. Will you need accommodations, meals, and travel arrangements (e.g., bus and train tickets) for more than just yourself on this trip? (Note: applicable costs will be added to your invoice; if you answered < yes > to this question, someone will be in touch with you for more details.)
4. If you will have travel companions with you, do they also want to participate in the academic sessions and other related experiences, either for personal enrichment or for credit? (Note: applicable costs will be added to your invoice; if you answered < yes > to this question, someone will be in touch with you for more details.)

Accommodations and meals:

The accommodations for this study abroad trip to Scotland and Northern Ireland include the following (click on each for more information):

Accommodations in each of the above locations on this study abroad trip are normally shared twin rooms, usually but not always with an en suite bathroom. In some cases, it is possible to have a private single room with an en suite bathroom for an additional cost. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee the availability of private single rooms to our students.

Please note that St. Stephen's University will make efforts to ensure the safety and comfort of transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive students, which means that we will design sleeping arrangements that best support each student's emotional and physical safety. Generally speaking, separating students into groups according to their stated gender identity is most appropriate, but the composition of the group and/or the nature of the trip environment may require another arrangement.

5. Gender

Companion 1
Companion 2
Companion 3
7. Please indicate your accommodation preference below.

Other information:

11. Please choose whichever option below applies to you:

Note: for all international applicants, enrolment at St. Stephen's University does not make you eligible for British residency. SSU has no influence over decisions regarding passports or visas and cannot guarantee you will receive a visa to participate in this study abroad trip. It is solely the responsibility of the student to ensure that you can travel to and within the UK before the start of the travel abroad trip.

14. Please agree to the following conditions before submitting this registration form.

Refund Policy: If a student decides to withdraw from the study abroad module before it begins, it is important to inform St. Stephen's University as soon as possible so that there is an opportunity for another student to take the newly vacant spot. The refund schedule is as follows:


  • Before May 19, 2023 – 100% refund of total cost of the trip and tuition, minus a $300 administration fee ($4,900 CAD);

  • Before June 19, 2023 – 50% refund of total cost of the trip and tuition, minus a $300 administration fee ($2,300 CAD);

  • Before July 19, 2023 – no refund of the cost of the trip; 50% refund of tuition, minus a $300 admin ($1,515 CAD);

  • After July 19, 2023 – no refund of the cost of the trip and tuition.


Refunds require 6 to 8 weeks to process.*

The registrant grants permission for any photography, videos, or other pictures of the registrant to be used in SSU and IRPJ promotional or educational material without any additional consent. Note: If you do not wish to grant permission, please contact
I acknowledge and agree to the following conditions: 1.) I must send a $1,000 CAD deposit to SSU before March 1, 2023 for myself and each of my travel companions (if applicable); 2.) I must send the remaining balance of the travel costs to SSU before April 1, 2023 for myself and each travel companion (if applicable); 3.) I must pay the cost of tuition before May 1, 2023 (payment plans available).
I acknowledge and agree that it is entirely my responsibility to ensure that I have the necessary visa and/or passport to enter the UK and remain in the country for up to two weeks before the start of the study abroad trip and that SSU cannot provide assistance with this in any way.
I certify that the information provided on this registration form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

If you wish to send your $1,000 CAD deposit immediately to hold your spot, please do so by clicking here.

Thanks for submitting this registration form. Someone from SSU will be in touch with you soon!

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